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6 Wedding Ideas for 2021

There’s one thing for certain: wedding ideas for 2021 will be different because the pandemic has changed everyone’s expectations and needs. This year, we’ll see couples spending more money per guest to enhance their experience, creating more personalized details, focusing on the ceremony, and generally making everything more intentional.

Here’s our wedding entertainment expert in San Francisco looking at six wedding ideas for 2021.

1. Eco-friendly, sustainable wedding events

In 2021, people are looking to reduce wedding waste.

Here are some creative ways to bring sustainability to your event: try reducing single-use plastics, look for dried plants and flowers that you can keep after the wedding, rent items (whenever possible), and be conscious of food waste.

2. Dried flowers are still trendy

The trend of mix dried and fresh flowers, or just dried flowers alone, is still big. In 2021, couples will add to this trend by finding unique ways to incorporate them, installing them creatively, and using colorful dried florals.

3. Fashion-forward dresses will continue to go strong

Wedding dresses will be statement makers in 2021. There’s no doubt that brides will be looking to shine in their gowns after spending a year cooped up at home. This year, they’ll be choosing trendy embellishments, fashionable cuts, bold prints, and fun colors. Perhaps, a gown double lined with 100% silk and made with pearl detailing will look quite impressive—and those voluminous tulle sleeves will be a cherry on top!

4. Retro color palettes

If there’s one classic wedding palette that everyone loves, it’s green and white. However, this palette wouldn’t be very common in 2021 because new colors will be taking center stage, especially the retro-inspired, warm tones of pink, terra cotta, and mustards. Think sunset hues!

5. Tented, outdoor events

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With some event restrictions still in place, we’ll continue to witness the rise of outdoor weddings. This includes backyard events as well. Thanks to this opportunity, you can be creative in a ton of different ways, particularly with eclectic lighting and tented spaces. For instance, Google some fairy light wedding ideas; we’re sure they’ll make you swoon!

6. Quality over quantity

This means giving attention to details. During this time, the weddings guest lists are getting smaller, allowing couples to create a more memorable experience for the few guests participating in the event. This could happen by ditching dozes of similar-looking centerpieces on every table and opting for a single floral installation that would make a decent statement or replacing the traditional wedding buffet with custom food experiences.

In 2021, the sky is the limit when it comes to how you can play with wedding design, décor, and food—as long as you get inspired and creative!

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