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Dabbling in Fashion Design: 2020 Datebook

Finally figured out what to do with my unused work planner from last year!

I didn’t know how the dress would turn out, but transforming a year of intense hardships into a commemorative piece of art felt like the perfect analogy for the time spent restructuring my inner self.

Making the datebook dress

Watching the days and months disappear as I tediously folded each shape, reflecting on the missed events and family gatherings. What started out as a playful way to salvage a pretty datebook and also a personal challenge in making a paper costume for the first time, ended up being a cathartic experience in releasing what felt like lost time.

In hindsight, it absolutely wasn’t. Although it felt as fragile as this dress, every upturned moment last year gave me opportunities to reassess who I want to be and practice in accessing deep inner strengths.

Original datebook that was repurposed for a dress

Like most of the world, it wasn’t just a pandemic that was difficult; I had personal losses and extreme challenges above and beyond. I believe that it’s how we choose to respond to hardships that ultimately will define our future selves and the world at large. It has always been and always will be a choice between compassion or blame, love or resentment.

Moving ahead, I wish for the world a more humane way of relating to one another, that we can find more joy even in the simplest of moments without feeling entitled to a perfect scenario that will never exist.

Funny how this little paper project brought so much clarity around the idea of “lost” time. Back to the dress! My favorite part of the actual design may be the “pinstriping” on the top using modge podge or the “corset lining” in the back!

A closeup of the corset lining

What did you do with your 2020 calendar?

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