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Wedding Entertainment Ideas Your Guests Are Bound to Love

When you’re caught in the midst of wedding planning frenzy, it’s all too easy to forget what your guests will be doing when you’re making the rounds talking to everyone or getting wedding photos done.

With so much on your to-do list, it’s easy for guest entertainment to slip on the list of priorities. The good news is there are plenty of fun and simple ways to keep your guests happy, and even enhance the theme of your wedding along the way.

So without further ado, check out our curated list of wedding entertainment ideas that are bound to make your Big Day more memorable for everyone.

Wedding Trivia Set

When your guests sit down at the table and are waiting for the food to arrive, it can be a little awkward if no one knows each other. To break the ice, put some wedding trivia on the table to get the conversation going. Tailor the questions to your wedding for added fun.

Entertainment Mixed with Food

Server in a wine skirt

A creative way to serve drinks and food can make for a memorable experience. Instead of hiring black-tie servers and cocktail dresses at your wedding, consider a more fun approach with servers who offer wine off of the wine skirt or a costumed model handing out hors d'oeuvres to guests during the pre-ceremony festivities.


If you’re looking for a definite hit at your wedding, consider getting a magician for the reception. Not only will they be popular with the little ones, but they’re also a great conversation starter with the adults. You can choose whether you want something low-key like card tricks or with more fanfare.

Wedding DJ

If live music isn’t your forte, then a DJ is a must-have addition to your wedding. You can put aside your worries about who’s handling the playlist and also give guests the chance to make special requests.

When choosing a DJ keep in mind that there are many different styles and personalities out there, don’t automatically book that “Top 40” option, consider the personality of you and your crowd and shop around for that perfectly you sound. Think outside the box of genres: Swing, Dubstep, Golden Oldies, 90’s alternative or tailor a mix that fits your unique theme.

Should there are sound volume constraints, be kind to your neighbors by hiring a silent disco DJ that comes equipped with wireless headphones for your guests to wear while they groove to the same beats on the dance floor.

Dancing entertainment at the wedding reception

Circus Performer

If you’re really looking to wow your wedding guests, circus performers are the way to go. Depending on the space and your budget, you can choose from a wide variety of performances such as sword swallowing, juggling, aerial performers, and fire breathers. It’ll make the night an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Photo Booth

A cute photo booth has an appeal that doesn’t seem to cease. There’s something about squeezing together with your friends and family, adorned with fun props to take silly photos. You can even offer immediate printouts so guests can leave with a little souvenir of their own.

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